Thursday, September 16, 2010

Small details in a garden

from w.
From the little notebook there are a couple of pages of toadstools/mushrooms that I had once noticed in the garden. Just small details. Then the words drawn with a stick or something into cement many years ago. Perhaps I like to discover small things in a garden and appreciate the spectacles that make clear what the myopia turns to mist. Plus one quick sketch of the manse we lived in for nine years.

Our daily life is filling these days with visitors coming to the house and also occasional drives to catch up with friends we haven't seen for five weeks during Peceli's illness. At Donation in Kind we had a cuppa with the volunteers and met an interesting old guy who's doing 'time' as a volunteer instead of a week in gaol! Why, I asked. He said he refuses to pay parking fines, and one time had a week in Pentridge Gaol rather than pay up. These days, 'community work' is an alternative to gaol for such stubborn people! I asked him what he thought of the election and the response was a lot of vitriol, which was interesting. Well, that's life.

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