Monday, September 06, 2010

Oz politics and a circus act

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What a circus a democratic election can be when six independents can make or break a government! Julia and Tony both seem to be aerial artists flying high under the circus tent with no catchers while the ringmaster, a Cat in a Hat, calls the shots. Now Mr Katter, always a loud speaking maverick from Queensland has thrown his hat into the ring to go with the Coalition and we are waiting on two independents (from the former Three Amigos) to say where they stand. The 74 to 74 so far is truly a hung parliament. There are clowns, there are elephants, there are jugglers, and I think it is quite undemocratic for independents to call the shots. It is about 3 p.m. so we are now waiting on the last two independents to make up their minds which way to go - Coalition of Labour.

Half an hour later:
Well, it's over. The last two rural based independents have decided for Labour, but not to really give Julia and co a mandate, because the electors are not convinced either party is worthy, but to give people in the rural areas something when they have been disadvantaged for many years. These guys certainly talk too much though! Time will tell though if puppets are pulled by strings or there will be a brouhaha.(Is that a real word?)



Blogger Penny said...

It was awful. all they did was talk and justify themselves. I have to say that Katter, who I think is rather odd at least did the right thing and what he said made sense. I wonder how long to the next election.

2:44 AM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
That long boring speech was the pits. On and on and on. Never got to the point and rambled all over the place. Got his day in the sun and he wouldn't get back into the shade. Just like when you have a guest speaker who doesn't know when to come to the point and the audience is restless.

1:56 PM  

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