Sunday, September 05, 2010

The rhythm of the days

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There has been sunshine and rain and wild winds these past few days which means floods in parts of Victoria, quite a change from nearly a decade of drought conditions. All the rivers are running, including the Barwon that has not peaked yet. Anyway there is a rhythm to our days which includes a drive to somewhere in Geelong or the Bellarine Peninsular and I take a few photos, we stroll a bit, and sometimes have a drink in a cafe such as the Sheraton which overlooks the bay. (Going to the gym for me, is only every second day or two!) Yesterday at the East Geelong church where I help with music, the visiting preacher from Melbourne gave us an interesting idea of 'I'm a fishbowl Christian' from a song by Colin Gibson of New Zealand. Timidly staying in a known place, not venturing out to explore the rivers and sea. Are we like that - in a comfort zone that does not include the stranger, the different, those out there?

Anyway, here are some of the pictures taken at the Geelong Waterfront, mainly of bollards of historical or cultural characters in Geelong's history..

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Blogger Penny said...

Thanks for your thoughts Wendy,l I have to say I am just glad it is finally over, seems a long 4 months since she went into the high care area.
Hope you are all losing wieght and doing the right things. It is a worrying time.

6:52 PM  

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