Monday, September 13, 2010

The texture of days

Two aids for an aching knee. The odd Ettamorga pub linament was bought at one of these open-air markets and I can't even find the reference on the internet. It's mainly eucalyptus oil so I suppose it won't hurt and it might help a little!
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How different is the texture of days when we lived at Shenton Manse, Ryrie Street, to our life now, years later, in Newcomb. Then the High School bell would ring and the three boys would jump out of their beds, grab some toast and run across the road to their classes. Peceli would be preparing a sermon or going to a Bible Study group or visiting sick people. I would be getting ready to catch two buses to go to my Deakin Uni Art classes at the former RSL Mill. Not much time for housework at all. Meals were ad hoc. The boys would bring their friends home even at recess to find something to eat. Many people would phone, visit, some to stay, some for a meal. A very open house for strangers and friends alike.

These days it is much quieter. The routine is a cuppa at 6 a.m. watch TV news, glance through the local Advertiser paper which isn't much chop, breakfast more leisurely about 8 a.m. then pills and patches are in order. Rub on the linament or gel for the aching knee or shoulder. Then plan for the day - or not. Yesterday a friend phoned up and invited us to lunch at Cats Bistro at the Footie ground. Many pensioners were there for the Monday special lunch $5.90 for fish, salad, chips, a drink and muffin - very good value. Nice to talk with golf friends who also are not well and not playing golf these days. Sleep after lunch for two hours then a visitor called for coffee and a yarn. A few phone calls from friends in Fiji and Melbourne, but mostly it is quiet and restful. After a slap-up dinner - soup, chicken, etc. we watched some TV. A few prayers rose and fell during the day, mainly gratitude for care of friends and the concern of family. No gym for me yesterday as a few aching joints recover from the last session - the young girls set the weights a bit high I think. The texture of our days has changed from the raising a family years to a time when we do not have to rush, though six weeks ago, it was rather full on with meetings, golf, voluntary activities, and ethnic networking. Well, that's life and we are grateful.

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