Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shenton garden

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Another of the lost and found paintings was the start of this series of images changed digitally from the original large painting which was in mainly oranges and browns. We lived next to the Shenton (Methodist/Uniting) Church those days when I was studying art at Deakin Uni at the old Woollen Mill campus near the Barwon River and one project was to make dozens of drawings of things found in the garden or views of the church next door, then collate them into kind of collages. Those days were great days of study, drawing, painting, photography, but alas, Deakin cut the Fine Arts course in Geelong and moved towards those courses that lead people into white-collar office jobs. And after we moved away, Shenton church, halls, and even the manse were sold to the Geelong High School - which was a good move and our old house became music studios - which of course is excellent!

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