Monday, October 12, 2009

Walking in circles

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Peceli and I spent the weekend at Dandenong, Melbourne, mostly at the Trinity Uniting Church. I noticed something new since last visiting there - a pattern in bricks in the garden. All in circles, but not really. It was called a labyrinth they said, and those interested could slowly walk the pathway until they reached the centre, pausing sevral times where there was a brick with a text - a question, a quote, something to reflect upon. I had never seen this before and thought it was an interesting idea. Perhaps we walk in circles though and never get to the centre to really focus on the meaning of life and spirituality eh? Our journey is not usually as orderly as a set-out pathway.

They also had an enclosed garden with sculptures and decorations that invite reflection. Trinity is a church with possibilities - sited in the midst of a very large outer suburb of Melbourne where there is a burgeoning population of migrants from many countries and new suburbs nearby. There's a lot going on there too as there's a plan to build a new hall, Pacific style, even with a place for a lovo (underground oven). Their website can be found easily. Peceli and I were there for the Hindi Fellowships Consultation where we met many old friends. More about that on the Babasiga blog.

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