Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pet animals and the old and the young

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An event for Seniors' Week involved the elderly in a nursing home in Newcomb, small children and their mums and a host of pet animals from Serenity Farm. A pony, sheep, goats, ducks, chooks, rabbits and guinea pigs. And a little pink pig running around. In a sunny but sheltered verandah at the back of the nursing home the elderly residents had gathered, sitting in their chairs or wheelchairs, as they watched or held little creatures. It was a lovely idea. And I met a couple of people from our church, one a visitor and one a resident. Here are some photos I took there.

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Blogger annie said...

What a splendid sight and it shows what a nursing home can be for its people--they live there, after all, and it should really function like a home. Too bad that more nursing facilities don't involve themselves in these kinds of goals.

11:50 AM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Annie,
Not all nursing homes are as nice as the one in our Newcomb suburb. We used to go there with a little church choir and sing and chat with the people. Children from the local primary school visit and 'adopt' a grandpa or grandma. Someone said to me yesterday we might try some tai chi with the residents one day!
BUT... I've visited some desperate kind of places for the elderly people too. I wasn't happy about the situation of my own Mum when she was in a hospital section, mixed up with dementia patients and just left to sit and watch TV in the afternoons and the food was awfully bland and Mum had been a beautiful cook. She just was grateful though and said thanks to the staff.

12:31 PM  
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