Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A bhangra dance class

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It's Seniors Month and there are lots of activities to encourage men and women over 60 to join in activities, stretch minds and bodies. This morning it was a Bollywood bhangra dance class organised by Diversitat so I went along wearing some bling clothes. I was the youngest there of the oldies as a whole group from the Multicultural Aged Social Group came with their walking frames and a group from Vision Impaired arrived. Anyway the carers and a few of us had a go with a little bit of grace and energy as we lunged and bounced and tried the peacock head movement as our teacher taught us about ten different steps. It was fun and some of the oldies from their chairs had a good time too. I took a few photos but my two photos of our dance teacher didn't turn out so I 'borrowed' one from the Asha Bollywood Dance website and they provided the program.

On the way home there was music in the mall, a South American band playing a golden oldie from the 70s El Condor Pasa made well-known internationally by Simon and Garfunkel - which was a nice touch.

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