Sunday, October 04, 2009

Geelong West Town Hall

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Waiting for a bus in Pakington Street, I made a quick sketch of the Geelong West Town Hall and later added colour etc. so it's not exactily like a photo! There are many older buildings in Geelong that mimic bits and pieces of classic Greek and a mixture of styles that were designed in a time of prosperity and optimism - mainly banks, public buildings and just a few private mansions. When several Councils in Geelong amalgamated such as Bellarine, Geelong West, Corio, some of the town halls became redundant so have been used for various purposes e.g. Geelong West front offices now are used by Diversitat (formerly Geelong Migrant Resource Centre) and Corio - which was formerly Osborne House - now is used for adult classes, some historical records, etc. and there's a plan to turn it into a hotel o something. Here are photos of a hotel in Queenscliff and the Geelong Town Hall showing the confident, opulant style of about 130 years ago.



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I love your sketching Wendy! So full of life!

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