Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Welsh choir sings in Geelong

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On Friday afternoon St Mary's Basilica in Geelong was crowded for the concert by the Melbourne Welsh Male Choir. It was a splendid occasion, inspiring, with a spirited pianist accompanying a large choir. Songs included Methodist hymns in Welsh, Negro Spirituals, a song from Africa and popular songs such as 'I still call Australia Home'. An elderly lady sitting next to me, perhaps with dementia, sang along with many of the songs - thankfully in tune. She knew all the words to 'Goodbye' from 'White Horse Inn' a musical of the 40s I think. I did a sketch before the concert started. Some years I have attended a gymanfa ganu - Welsh hymn festival - and the sound of the tenors and basses just make you toes tingle. I was invited to the Welsh church programs by Mr and Mrs Jones. Of course with that name. There will be such an event in Geelong on Sunday afternoon 24th October at Belmont Uniting Church 3 p.m. I've been told. Modern compositions by a Welsh composer Karl Jenkins include 'The Armed Man' and 'Adiemus' which are brilliant pieces of music. Samples of music from the Melbourne Welsh Male Choir and Karl Jenkins music can be found on youtube.



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