Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wombat Gully

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After a morning of office work on a computer and playing music for a funeral, it was time for a pleasant lunch and a walk through Wombat Gully Plant Nursery. Though it was raining slightly and they gave us umbrellas it wasn't suitable for much sketching, only in a fern area. On a sunny day we can go back for more coffee, spinach and cheese rolls with tomato chutney, scones with cream and jam, etc. and buy some of the wonderful plants. Lately our household has got seriously into gardening, buying lots of packets of seeds, and trays of seedlings from Wombat Gully. I'd love to be let loose with $500 here - better than buying clothes and shoes!
Wombat Gully in Geelong have a website which is here.
It's located on the edge of town at 201 Townsend Rd Moolap.

(later) - Adding a bit of colour to the sketches - just pencils and a couple of feltpens. I noticed that the ferns at the nursery were much healthier than the ferns at the Geelong Botanical Gardens. Perhaps it's the protected environment and not just depending upon rain.

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