Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A day in Melbourne

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for Seniors' week buses and train travel is free in Victoria to those over 60 so I went up to Melbourne for the day, got sore ankles from climbing up and down stairs and on the hard concrete, but there were some good things to see at the art gallery, etc. and I took a few photographs. The Seniors hub at the Town Hall had ikabana demonstrations and a display from the country town of Birchip and lots of handouts on dementia, nursing homes, diabetes, good eating etc. I was really only interested in Anne McLellan's book on Birchip as Peceli and I know some of the people there, especially retired doctors John and Bev Horton whose photo was in Anne's book. They were missionaries in Fiji many years ago and my doctors. At Federation Square thousands of Storm rugby fans were waiting for the stars and I'd worn a purple jacket for the occasion but as I can't stand around, I wandered around the art galleries instead. The fashion display Together Alone from New Zealand and Australian designers was fabulous. I asked the security guy if I could take photos but the answer was 'No.' I'd already been told off for using a flash when taking a photo of an Aboriginal painting and speaker!
They often say that a woman's handbag is like a dog's breakfast - well when I was in the tram going back to Southern Cross Station I noticed a woman had her delicacies - Japanese sushi etc. in her handbag!



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