Monday, April 29, 2013

Eucalyptus and bowls

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Two pictures - one of eucalyptus leaves and seedpods and the other of two bowls in a garden shop - I messed about with using Gimp - a program which I am cautious about and know very little.

Boats at Queenscliff

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There are always interesting places to drive to from Geelong - small seaside towns, or awesome landscapes in the Otways. Here's just a little picture of boats at Queenscliff not far from the ferry terminal.  Queenscliff is an exclusive kind of historical town accessed by a very narrow peninsular. It's twin town is Point Lonsdale and they have their own Council though the rest of us in the Geelong region had to amalgamate into 'Greater Geelong'.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today in Geelong

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Today is a peaceful day so far with just a spa and exercises at Splashdown, as per instructions from my physiotherapist, then a big breakfast of bacon and eggs! Yesterday was a full-on day as a typical or not so typical Sunday. Morning church designed by our worship committee which meant mainly me, on Living Water. It wasn't entirely smooth as the words on powerpoint didn't always fit the music I played! There was some good discussion on a song 'Wellsprings' led by a young man, instead of a sermon. We had a short play and then a monologue and the 'Samaritan Woman' was dressed in black with a veil and was impressive. In the afternoon we had an informal church service at ATM on the edge of Melbourne, then so-journed to the house of a bereavement in Wyndam Vale where one room was beautifully decorated, ceiling, walls, floor in barkcloth and mats (Ready for the body to spend Thursday night back home. ) Isa, I still can't believe that Bale is gone as we had a long conversation a fortnight ago. I talked with some friends there while Peceli sat with dozens of visitors who brought gifts, mainly money. From Coburg church, from Dandenong church. Fijians all pull together when there's a bereavement. Coming home I noticed the continual stream of cars heading for Melbourne then realized many people had taken a 'sickie' on Friday to make a four day weekend.
The picture is of waterlilies at the University of the South Pacific in Suva.

Jackson Pollock move over!

Some days you feel like this - too much going on.  Here's an image that I think Jackson Pollock might say 'Make my day!'

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The obsessive news of violence

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The TV and radio are full of disturbing news that our world has so much violence where innocent people are hurt and the persons who plan and carry out such hateful deeds do not target their enemy but create chaos amidst ordinary families.  But also our news is biased and some stories get prominence.

What separates a death in Iraq from one in Boston? Opinion

Posted Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:26am AEST | Updated Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:43am AEST
We should wonder how it is - if media profile can be an indication of worth - that we accord such differing values to different human lives.
The obvious answer is that a bomb blast in Boston is a shock, while in Iraq it is a commonplace. The more disturbing but no less obvious answer is that we instinctively put a greater value on familiar American lives.
The deaths in Iraq are stripped of the elements of empathy and surprise that would propel them - like those in Boston - into the eager vacuums of our news cycles....
The whole article can be read via ABC news website or by clicking on the title - in blue.

Friday, April 12, 2013

There's always moonlight

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Well there's always moonlight! About 4 a.m. I was awake and intended making some Milo but when I switched on the electric jug all the power went out in the whole house. I panicked, though I should have just gone back to bed. I woke Peceli up to search for a torch or candle, no go, woke up Jordan and demanded his phone which lights up like Christmas, so we could go into the rabbit and guinea pig's enclosed verandah and adjust the safety switch. Yeah, it's happened before. Of course the animals ran around thinking it was breakfast time. Anyway the power went on so the Milo was made. We walked outside and discovered it was a lovely moonlit night after all. Got me thinking what tragics we are expecting electricity all the time. Once upon a time we lived without it - when we had three bures beside the sea at Nukutatava. Moonlight by the tranquil sea those days.

Thursday, April 04, 2013


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I felt a sense of gratitude yesterday to various people who helped with the complex processes of changing airline ticketing and other tasks of the day - Kamlesh, Talei, Lisa at Flight Centre, Ateca, as well as Nanise a lovely visitor, a cheerful Op shop volunteer, George for chauffeuring, and Bale for her good cooking, Barbara with a box of fresh veggies, and our teenage grandsons for being helpful. And for Ozzie and Izzie just for being there! I had to cancel a bus trip to Teesdale with a group of church women for a cafe lunch, but that's okay.