Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today in Geelong

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Today is a peaceful day so far with just a spa and exercises at Splashdown, as per instructions from my physiotherapist, then a big breakfast of bacon and eggs! Yesterday was a full-on day as a typical or not so typical Sunday. Morning church designed by our worship committee which meant mainly me, on Living Water. It wasn't entirely smooth as the words on powerpoint didn't always fit the music I played! There was some good discussion on a song 'Wellsprings' led by a young man, instead of a sermon. We had a short play and then a monologue and the 'Samaritan Woman' was dressed in black with a veil and was impressive. In the afternoon we had an informal church service at ATM on the edge of Melbourne, then so-journed to the house of a bereavement in Wyndam Vale where one room was beautifully decorated, ceiling, walls, floor in barkcloth and mats (Ready for the body to spend Thursday night back home. ) Isa, I still can't believe that Bale is gone as we had a long conversation a fortnight ago. I talked with some friends there while Peceli sat with dozens of visitors who brought gifts, mainly money. From Coburg church, from Dandenong church. Fijians all pull together when there's a bereavement. Coming home I noticed the continual stream of cars heading for Melbourne then realized many people had taken a 'sickie' on Friday to make a four day weekend.
The picture is of waterlilies at the University of the South Pacific in Suva.


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