Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's seriously autumn now

The first tree in our back garden to turn yellow was the apricot tree, and when I walked around the streets of East Geelong many trees are now turning orange, red, and leaves are falling.
Several years ago I thought I had discovered something new when I put leaves and objects into the photocopy machine to make black and white pics, but there's nothing new about it at all. Even Michael Leunig the cartoonist for the 'Age' newspaper in Melbourne uses leaves in at least one of his enigmatic thoughtful cartoons. He is my favourite cartoonist with his often whimsical folklore of ordinary ducks and people, his consistent stance against the war in Iraq and his strong political cartoons.

Friday, April 28, 2006

A strange ginkgo tree in Geelong Gardens

Listed under National Trust on the register of significanct trees of Victoria is the ginkgo biloba - maidenhair tree, the species 20 millions old from China. This tree with its bulbous nobs and bumps is set in a special Peace Garden. Nearby are several bronze cranes in a pond. They were imported from Japan in the 1880s. The ginko was planted in 1859 in the Geelong Botanical Gardens. When the Dalai Llama came to Geelong, he visited the garden with local people, because of the significance of the ginkgo tree in the life of Buddha.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The game of golf

from Peceli
One of my favourite pastimes is playing golf and I'm still not satisfied though I got two birdies yesterday at Barwon Valley Golf Course. There was a special Golf day for the Police Patrons Association which was held at Bannockburn 25 km from Geelong I went to play with a friend Fred. I could not play well because of the sand scrape and lots of tall trees. At least there weren't any kangaroos like in the Anglesea Golf Course. I play in competitions Tuesdays and Saturdays at Barwon Valley and enjoy the friendships at the 19th Hole.
The photo of me was taken at Warracknabeal Golf Course a long time ago. I used to play in competition there when I worked in Hopetoun, about twenty-five years ago.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


A timid introspective teenage girl once collected seashells and painted in a tight careful manner. Photo-edit might help her lighten up a bit.

Several years later she experimented with placing leaves etc. directly onto the scanner. Yesterday she did this with seashells, a string of beads and a piece of barkcloth.

Waterfront pic and Photo-edit

Another sunny day and I sketched some sculptural buoys and small palm trees at the Geelong Waterfront while waiting to share a birthday lunch at the 'Black Sheep' cafe. Not satisfied with my drawing, I played with it using Photo-edit.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Barwon Heads - drawings

The coastline is covered with tee-tree, a very twisted kind of small tree. These trees are common all along the Great Ocean Road from Queenscliff to The Apostles at Port Campbell.
The Barwon Heads bluff has numerous falling rocks with signage to keep clear. A young woman with clipboard asked many questions about our perception of danger. She was a Psychology lecturer. Not worried, I say, then she tells me those huge rocks nearby had fallen in the past five years!

Visit to Barwon Heads

Yesterday was Anzac Day so we drove 20 k to have a picnic at Barwon Heads, drew some tee-trees and rocks. A beautiful relaxing day. The Barwon River meets the sea here and the cliffs are sandstone, often falling as huge rocks, as well as basalt. Barwon Heads was the setting of the TV series 'Sea Change'.