Friday, April 12, 2013

There's always moonlight

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Well there's always moonlight! About 4 a.m. I was awake and intended making some Milo but when I switched on the electric jug all the power went out in the whole house. I panicked, though I should have just gone back to bed. I woke Peceli up to search for a torch or candle, no go, woke up Jordan and demanded his phone which lights up like Christmas, so we could go into the rabbit and guinea pig's enclosed verandah and adjust the safety switch. Yeah, it's happened before. Of course the animals ran around thinking it was breakfast time. Anyway the power went on so the Milo was made. We walked outside and discovered it was a lovely moonlit night after all. Got me thinking what tragics we are expecting electricity all the time. Once upon a time we lived without it - when we had three bures beside the sea at Nukutatava. Moonlight by the tranquil sea those days.


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