Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A hard day's night

A hard day’s night – or Some Days are like Tuesday this week.
• After fasting for eight hours (and getting up and down for hot water bottle etc. for the lower back pain) I go to pathology for about seven blood tests (six-monthly sugar tests mainly) – 7.30 a.m. and it’s a quick process as few people there. My eldest son is my chauffeur for the day.
• 8.30 a.m. Hungry so we buy muffins and very creamy coffee at Hungry Jacks – drive through - and the lad serving forgets to give us the hash browns but we don’t go back.
• Feed the guinea pigs vegetables and tidy their playpen.
• Check world news, Fiji news, email and facebook.
• At 10 go to the Wintergarden Cafe to meet three writers, have cappuccino and lamington, and edit a hand-written diary about a trip to Fiji for a wedding, ready to type up.
• Lunch is fruit.
• Feed guinea pigs fresh grass from the front garden.
• At 1.40 go to the eye specialist for the six-monthly check up and results are quite good 98% and 97% for the peripheral vision test where you click on a gadget when you see stars. Still reading, playing music, and using computer without glasses. Talk with doc about the concert we’d been to recently.
3 p.m.Watch TV – two episodes of the police in the 60s English drama ‘Heartbeat’.
• Make a simple meal of eggs and kale.
• Look up on google the name of a new pill prescribed a couple of days ago by doc but not yet bought. Astonished to see it’s an opiate and can cause you to stop breathing and many other possible side-effects. I just won’t take doc’s orders over this one.
• At 6.30 go to the church for the Holy Week service and eight of us perform the ‘House in Bethany’ play I wrote a couple of weeks ago for the women’s meeting. Different actors this time and they used my dress-ups. Some Taize music, study of a psalm, one hymn, and the play goes well. About 18 people there so we just read the hymn text from Victor’s laptop.
• Feed guinea pigs last meal of the day, bed them down with their cardboard house and blankets.
• Coffee has run out so drink green tea.
• Watch ‘Midsummer Murders’ but give up early as rather tired.
• Sort-of sleep with a little bit of help from Panadol Osteo pills but still need Deep Heat and a hot-water bottle.
But then another day I will just sit and sit – in the sunshine if possible, and write poems and stories.


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