Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Are you a collector?

I lost my precious little vintage doll when the girls cleaned up the lounge room in December 2015 to repaint the walls, and put everything on top of the piano into a bag and out (and it went to the tip). I'd picked up the vintage doll for $4 in an Op Shop thinking she might be valuable. I discovered a key, wound her up, and to a kind of bizarre mandolin music, she moved her head and shoulders. Lucky I'd taken a photo of her. However this leads me to a story about visiting a doll museum in a private house not far from Colac. Flo had collected ten thousand dolls and many looked like new-born babies so I wasn't cheered up at all by them. Well, some people are collectors of owls, spoons, etc. so this was a passion by one woman and tourist buses occasionally called in. Are you a collector? I wouldn't count music or books because they are 'necessary'.


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