Friday, July 15, 2011

Print exhibitions in Geelong

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At any one given time there are many art shows on in Geelong and currently two are from print-makers - one at the Metrapolis Gallery, the other at the Wintergarten. Some examples are on-line such as with a generous array of prints, and the other was of interest when Peceli and I talked to some of the artists the other day. For collectors, prints are an excellent way of buying artworks because they are usually much less expensive than one-only artworks because the artist might take off about twenty or more prints from the one image. Also, the techniques offer a whole variety of textures and ways of seeing. These days I would like to be patient enough to do woodcuts and linocuts and screenprints again like I used to do, but I am lazy and just play around with digital images which are quick and often surprising in the results.

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