Sunday, July 10, 2011

A sunny day for a change

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Yesterday there was sunshine for a change so Peceli and I went for a drive, first to see an exhibition of Prints - linocuts etc. a wander in a garden shop, then a drive to Breamlea, a small village of houses hugging a beach not far from Torquay. The waves were huge so many surfers were down the coast yesterday. I took a few photos here and there and then tried out photoshop though the results so far were rather stilted and I need to learn a heap more about its possibilities. I like the accidental effect that I can get occasionally with picasa overlaying one picture over another and the way colour can be intensified though I overdo this at times. Trying out effects using photoshop meant there was a unity of style or texture but that is a bit off-putting and I really want to select parts of a picture to alter. There's much to learn.



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