Saturday, June 11, 2011

Not busy at the moment

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Until the computer gets fixed better I'm having a quiet spell the past few days. Lost my data so have a fresh page. Will catch up later. I can open some internet but there are still viruses prowling around it seems. It's the Queen's Birthday weekend too which is a bit quieter - as no one in Australia seems to have any special party for that! - at least no footie for the grandchildren today. They were playing monopoly the other night, an old favourite. Tomorrow is Pentecost so that will be an upbeat church service but I've had a migraine for the first time in my life and realize I shouldn't watch so much TV!

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Blogger annie said...

So sorry, Wendy. About the computer, but especially about the migraine. Are you saying that TV brings it on or just that it aggravates it? I hope that this one is the last od them for you.

This word verification is the horrors with my astigmatism. I may take awhile getting on...

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