Monday, July 11, 2011

messing about with photoshop

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There's not much time for the computer these days with other necessary tasks in life, Donation in Kind packing 25 boxes this morning of splendid Primary School books to send to the islands, church activities, occasionally helping my daughter-in-law with cooking and so on. It is freezing cold in Geelong at present and our Fiji family are noticing it. Here are some samples of my playing with my new toy - photoshop. About ten years ago my first play with images was using Corel Draw and that is a beaut program but I never could afford to purchase it. Later I found free programs such as photo-edit - a few years ago- and picasa, and now photoshop which seems to pick up on most of what the earlier ones could do. I still haven't got back to 'real' drawing and painting, though Peceli is busy putting acrylic paint onto canvases but he doesn't want to post them on this blog, just hang a few up on the wall and one windy day I got knocked on the head with one!



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