Thursday, March 12, 2009

Harvest Thanksgiving

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On Sunday our East Geelong church is having a Harvest Thanksgiving so we are obliged to take along Cornflakes, Weeties, fruit, vegetables, jams and pickles etc. Before the drought we used to take along our home-grown products but not these days. Peceli's twenty pumpkin plants look very dismal after the heat waves. Later the goods will be given to Concern (a Uniting Church outreach welfare program in Geelong) and Foundation 61 (rehab. house for recovery). I needed pictures for the church newsletter and found lots of photos of fabulous gourds, but didn't use them except for my usual messing about with colours. Good gourds, but the blue ones look like creatures from under the sea!

It seems that all cultures and religions have some sort of harvest festival - in the South Pacific it could be the Yam Festival. In Australia it's in our autumn, after the wheat harvest in summer. The cleaners of the church have put a ban on stacks of wheat these days. The picture I chose for the newsletter was the one of the wheat. Years ago black and white clip art was used on newsletters but these days we browse the web and 'borrow' from the huge resources available. Copyright is respected only if there is a clear statement not to pinch!

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