Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Screenprint of Obama

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A year ago perhaps this was the screen printed poster by Shepard Fairey of Obama. Congratulations Mr President. We were up at 3.30 a.m. to watch the Inauguration Ceremony so now it's morning and it is time to catch up on some sleep!

(Later) - So then after 1 p.m. we watched the concert for a couple of hours and what great music there was, and words spoken, but by then I think I was Barackobamaed out! It made me contrast how Aussies celebrate and think about nationalism and leaders. We tend of make fun of some of it, don't necessarily respect our leaders, don't like our national anthem, would rather sing about a swaggie camped by a gum tree. Anyway, have a good day - and it has been a splendid one for millions of people, in USA and elsewhere. And I still like 'This land is your land' - I taught it to kids in Fiji in the 60s, changing the words a little!

(later again) I've just read a most interesting article about Obama's connection with Hawaii and Indonesia and stories about his early years. It now seems quite astonishing that he is now President considering the ramblings, unuual parenting and disturbances in his early life.

Maraniss, David (August 24, 2008). "Though Obama Had to Leave to Find Himself, It Is Hawaii That Made His Rise Possible", Politics, Washington Post. Retrieved on 27 October 2008.



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