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You know you're from Geelong when

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When looking up stuff about Geelong's trees, I found this one; it's good for a laugh if you live in Geelong and know the references. I changed the last line as it was a bit offensive. The link doesn't work and I don't know who wrote it.

You know your from Geelong when....

1. You were born at Baxter House (SJOG kids need not apply haha).
2. You still hang out with the same friends you had in high school.
3. You can't go out without seeing someone you know.
4. You always end up at Eureka every Saturday night.
5. You used to always end up at GH every Saturday night.
6. You remember the good old days at the Lyric.
7. You have eaten food from Kev's takeaway van on Gheringhap Street.
8. You have waited an hour for a taxi after a big night out then given up and walked home...because nowhere in Geelong seems very far when you're drunk (or sober really).
9. You had schoolies in either Lorne or Torquay.
10. You hung out at Barwon Valley Fun Park as a kid.
11. You have attended a Poppy Kettle festival.
12. You have performed in a school play at GPAC.
13. You have been on a school excursion to Happy Hens and Warrumbidgee Farm.
14. You have been on a school camp to Sovereign Hill.
15. You have been to countless school sports days at Landy Field and school swimming carnivals at Kardinia Pool.
16. You remember when Waurn Ponds was one giant paddock.
17. You claim Missy Higgins as "Geelong's Own" because she went to Grammar.
18. You generally think people who went to Grammar are wankers.
19. You were possibly a "Joey's Boy" or dated a "Joey's Boy".
20. You know someone who went to Chanel or Morongo.
21. You attended either Deakin or The Gordon at some point.
22. You know several people who work for Target.
23. You know someone who played for Falcons.
24. You have a Geelong Football Club sticker on your car.
25. You insist on still calling Skilled Stadium "Kardinia Park".
26. You regularly see footballers in your local supermarket and don't particularly care.
27. You know Lambys is the place to be after a footy match at KP.
28. You think Billy Brownless should be our mayor.
29. You have a very strong opinion about Sam Newman.
30. You have a very strong opinion about palm trees in Moorabool Street.
31. You know who Darren Grayson and Stewie Harrison are.
32. You think The Advertiser's a load of crap…but you still read it every day.
33. You can leave work at 5:15 and still miss "peak hour traffic".
34. You have jumped off the tower at Eastern Beach and slid down the hill on a piece of cardboard.
35. You know The Sphinx isn't just a monument in Egypt.
36. You remember when Village only had two cinemas and going to the old Pix on Elizabeth Street.
37. You remember when Smorgy's opening was the biggest event in the town's history.
38. You remember when Club 4 Play was a creepy underground McDonalds.
39. You remember when OfficeWorks was World 4 Kids.
40. You remember waiting for two hours to hear your song at Johnny Rockets.
41. You remember when Rollerway was a cool place to hang out.
42. You remember when Brashes was a cool place to buy cassettes.
43. You insist on still calling Westfield "Bay City Plaza".
44. You remember when Bay City Plaza car parking was free for the first two hours.
45. You refer to "going shopping" as "going into town".
46. You went on a Contiki tour and met several other people from Geelong.
47. You know what "Buckets and Bouquets" are.
48. You know Geelong doesn't just rock. It K Rocks.
49. You always refer to Geelong as "G Town" when talking to Melbourne people (or any people really).
50. You acknowledge Geelong's a hole...but still get cranky when Melbourne people call it "Sleepy Hollow"!



Blogger Derek said...

@ #44

What, the first 2 hours at Bay City Plaza parking aren't free anymore?



I never get that far anyway. There's a shop out here where I am, in the big paddock :-)

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