Saturday, January 17, 2009

A picnic in the park, but not Manet

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It was a gorgeous day and very suitable for a picnic in the Edinburgh Park in North Fitzroy organised by my niece and her husband before they return with their children to France for another year or two. There were lots of our relatives and Bron and Nico's friends there. Edinburgh Park is a large park and today there seemed to be about fifty gatherings under the trees, kids playing cricket, riding bikes, lots of drinking, music, eating. Anyway we found 'our' group and had a lovely afternoon catching up with nieces and nephews and their children, making new friends, even meeting a couple were in Fiji a few days ago and had a story to tell. (See babasiga blog!) When I saw the numerous little kids I was thinking of my Mum, how wrapped she would have been to see the little ones, her great-grand-children.

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