Thursday, January 22, 2009

May our homes be filled with dancing

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Lots of things are going wrong today! Even the Youtube song I have to learn to play by Sunday is going slow - like - 'may our homes........... be filled with ................. dancing!' Anyway the fun started when the car conked out in front of the Not Quite Right shop (it's been playing up at the traffic lights lately) - start and stop, start and stop, so with all the groceries we needed to get home. Luckily a friend lived across the road and he was home and came to our rescue. Meanwhile our son's friend is moving into one of our bungalows today for a few weeks because his rented house will be bulldozed soon, so all his stuff has to fit in, and all our junk out on the grass! So he's coming and going with a trailer. Now we need RACV (road assist) but our subs ran out last week, so Peceli borrowed our son's car to drive to town to pay the bill, then we can call them to come and see the old car still parked outside a bottle-shop! We do really need a new car anyway.

Peceli was printing out some sermon notes from the internet about fishing and the black ink wouldn't work, and red goes pink, blue goes yellow, etc.

So I just did a bit of muckin' about with yesterday pic of the cement driveway TO FORGET ALL THE TROUBLES. Then I'll try Youtube again and see if 'May our homes be filled with dancing' goes a bit better! Okay, we shouldn't complain about little things - some of our friends are having a really rough time in Fiji, and I don't mean cleaning up after the floods. Other things and it's very rough on some excellent people who are trying to live decently and speak the truth.



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