Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A geoglyph and sunshine

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In the Geelong Eastern Park a sculptor, Rogers, used white rocks to form a Rhythm of Life geoglyph which can best be seen by plane or helicopter. He makes these huge earth-sculptures in various countries. For the first time, Peceli and I walked amidst these mainly flattened rocks that overlook Corio Bay. A bit New Age encounter with stones seemingly facing the setting sun. This afternoon it was sunny and I needed some good sunshine and exercise to throw off this cough bug. The sea was beautiful and we had a restful visit to this strange land formation. The coloured picture is of one of Roger's geoglyphs elsewhere, but similar in design.



Blogger Um Naief said...

amazes me how ppl can make such beautiful works of art that are even more breathtaking from the sky!

love the photos and the paintings.. especially the ones you added color to...

11:52 AM  

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