Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Variations on some Adelaide drawings

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Peceli resurrected a bald mouse so I can use the second computer again, then I mucked about with Photo-edit to make some variations of drawings I did in Adelaide - in between coughs and sips of boiled water! They are of the beach below Shores Village and of the pond next to the Conference Centre (formerly called the Woolshed).



Blogger Penny said...

Wendy I have finally had time to look at your blog, not particularly well either but I hope your bout of bronchitis is getting better. I like your drawings in and around Adelaide, I had no idea where the Shores was, and yes the wool shed was built by someone not long ago, well maybe longer than I think, we went there for a local govt dinner once so that was when John was still in local govt, and no he wasnt standing but a young dairy farmer friend was, he didnt get in but then nor did the state pollie who we didnt want to get in.

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