Sunday, July 27, 2008

You Yangs near Geelong

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About half an hour's drive from Geelong the You Yangs rise in the flat plain and these small hills have interesting picnic spots amidst large rock formations. We used to go there for a bit of respite and also for sunrise church services with youth. I found two sketches I once did and copied them this afternoon instead of going to a writers' gig. One in pencil, the other in pastel, then using Picasa I made a B and W pic of it.

I still have a puppy kind of bark but not the bad bronchitus of the past weeks. While I was in the middle of playing music this morning at Geelong East Uniting, a grandma came over and told me to forget the antibiotics, just buy some Lemsip, add lemonade and hot water. It had cured her after six weeks of coughing! Okay, I'll try anything but stick with the pills though!



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