Monday, August 04, 2008

An organ recital

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Usually when someone asks, 'How are you' you answer something like 'Fine! Great!' no matter how you are feeling. Sometimes though you ask someone 'How are you' and you get an organ recital back, especially some older people who live alone and they want to tell you everything about their aches and pains. Well, I think I have joined them in this. If someone today asks me 'How are you' I might say - 'Well I went to the third doctor (in the same clinic) and he sent me to the pathologist who complained that she couldn't get blood out of a stone but by the third try managed, and I said I used to give blood to Red Cross and she said, 'They must have been desperate' etc. etc.' It has been a learning curve for me to go to three doctors in seven weeks, all with different treatments for a persistent cough. One said 'It's winter, what do you expect!' I won't go into all the details of wearing a white gown backwards, hugging a cold metal machine for three pictures of a pretty (or pretty awful) set of lungs, etc. etc. but yesterday did remind me of the people who give organ recitals when greeted.



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