Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where does all the money go around?

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Usually I discard most of the Saturday Age newspaper - including Business, but a picture caught my attention this time - a take on the Brack 'Collins Street' painting. The journalists and artist gave some interesting stats on income, richest people in Oz.

Then I hear on the radio the grouches of pensioners saying they cannot manage on $255 a week (Age pension if you have a partner). Though it's obscene for one man to get billions of dollars, (mining guys and Westfield also) and families sometimes do it tough with a mortgage, pensioners ought to count their lucky stars.

Not every country gives out pensions as people search for work, or are disabled, or old. It's all relative if you compare Fiji income etc. The poverty line there would be listed differently and they say about 40% of people in Vanua Levu live below the poverty line. $255 a week in Fiji would be okay because that would be $6 an hour and usually a house cleaner at a resort gets about $2 an hour!



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