Thursday, July 31, 2008

Geelong Westfield ain't so hot after all the hype

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I vowed and declared I would not patronise Geelong's Westfield shopping complex apart from the RACV there, but anyway, after checking out flights to Fiji at Flight Centre, I wanted to buy a dozen eggs so wandered around Westfield but couldn't find the supermarket, so went up and down escalators and eventually over that dratted bridge where people sat about drinking coffee and I raged about the air space over Yarra Street belonging to everyone not just the capitalists! Anyway I spied a Woolworths sign and thought - okay I'll get my dozen eggs there, but no - it wasn't a food store at all! All the brand-new shops at Westfield didn't attract me at all - except one art shop with narrow claustrophobic aisles where I bought some el-cheapo sketchbooks for $2 each. Eventually I got the eggs at my butcher across the road from home. Way to go. Patronise family businesses.



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