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An itchy scratchy arm

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About six weeks ago I got badly sunburnt on the right arm -(a four hour lunch in the park on a cloudy day) and now have an itchy scratchy upper right arm. Ice helps a bit but not much else. Instead of going to a doctor I did a google search and came up with a name for the ailment and found it does have a name - and one brief explanation on this site. Wow, it sounds ominous!

quote from site:
Brachioradial pruritus is a condition where itch, burning and/or changed sensation arise in the areas of skin on either or both arms. The most commonly affected area is the mid-arm. The affected skin may appear entirely normal. Visible changes may arise from rubbing and scratching the affected area. These include purpura and ecchymoses (bruises), hyperpigmentation (brown marks), hypopigmentation (white marks), lichen simplex (a type of eczema) and scarring. There may be changed sensation when this is tested for with pinprick, cotton wool or heat and cold.

Cause of brachioradial pruritus
Brachioradial pruritus is due to nerve damage. It is more often reported in sunny climates such as New Zealand and Australia, than in cooler areas such as the United Kingdom. It has been suggested that long term sun exposure is responsible, as the outer aspects of the arms are most often affected and these are exposed to more sun than the inner aspects of the arms.
Well, I went to the chemist and chatted with him saying 'I only go to the doctor if I can't breathe!' He gave me a cortisone cream and I said, 'Hey, I might blow up like a balloon.' He answered, 'No you won't unless you eat it!'
Well, it's slightly better but it is still occasionally itchy-scratchy. And I can say that I have purpura, ikkeymoses, hyper-something, hypo-something, and even lichen on my arm!


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I have confirmed case of brachioradial pruritus and its not from a burn which then it occasionally - this is continuous, 24/7 and ongoing for years. yes i have sun damage but its more likely caused by nerve compression of cervical spine (neck area). hundreds of creams, diet changes, detergent changes etc have never worked - only ice packs work.

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