Thursday, January 25, 2007

Australia Day and Skandia Yachts

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There's plenty of action at the Geelong Watefront this week with a huge yachties festival called Skandia. There have been boat races in Geelong since 1840s. We went down there yesterday, Peceli to draw boats and I wanted to draw the horses at the carousel, but they kept going round and round and I couldn't catch 'em! However there was a static display of carousel horses there also as today there is a book launch. An author has written a children's book about a lost horse. We got a $50 parking fine - didn't know the beachfront had become a metred zone! We might go back today but take more care re the parking!

I found a book of recycled brown paper so used pages to add pencil, pastel and pen. I had another go at the ferris wheel, this time remembering to put in the huge supports. The other pic is of a yacht which took off as I was sketching it. Smorgies restaurant is in the background. I have trouble with pastel - can't get details so have to tinker with a black pen! I changed the colour of the horse by using Photoedit negative.


Blogger Penny said...

Wendy what lovely carousel horses, and your sketches all along the waterfront look fascinating, I think you live a pretty interesting life too.
Oh and an embellisher is like a sewing machine but with barbed needles, so it is a sort of dry felting machine. Has no bobbin.

10:11 PM  
Blogger tooners said...

these are beautiful pictures. have you thought about trying to sell any of them. you're good at what you do.

7:56 AM  

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