Saturday, September 20, 2014

Drive to Barwon Heads

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It was a bit sunny on Saturday so we drove to Breamlea and Barwon Heads.  Breamlea is a tiny hamlet where two rows of houses are built on the sandhills between the ocean and a wetland area.  It's a very different kind of seaside place, perhaps with artists and writers and people who want to get right away from city lights. There's a caravan park, one shop, a surf club with wide beaches and plenty of waves.  Barwon Heads is much more lively, with a busy hotel, bollards, Jirralinga Animal Shelter, a caravan park, golf courses and cafes, the main street full of people and others at the beaches under the bluff and along the river. On the way back we called in at a pleasant park near the turnoff from Wallington to the Geelong Road.


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