Thursday, September 11, 2014

Candles for remembrance

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It's been a sad fortnight for many of us, troubled by the forty-five Fijian soldiers captured in the Golan Heights with threats of sharia law, and the deaths of three friends  from Rotary - Ernest Knight, John Collins, Eva Kee, and a relative in Sydney, Asanaca whose body was flown to Fiji this week, and the Mum of a member of our Fiji Geelong Friendship Club. And the anxiety about the forthcoming Fiji election!  Anyway the soldiers were freed last night and are safely in a UN camp in Israel territory now, no-one hurt. Amazing! We are indeed thankful for this outcome. There have been prayers throughout Fiji for their safety with many candles lit - Christian, Muslim, Hindi people in Fiji, united in caring.  Anyway, locally we were only able to share in two bereavements and at Eva's farewell, candles were lit by some of the four hundred people there. Today Peceli went to the funeral of Aimee's Mum and we together went to the lunch to share with Aimee and her family.


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