Tuesday, February 01, 2011

In Queensland the wind and the rain

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Cyclone Yasi is bearing down on a large part of coastal Queensland and this is being taken very seriously as thousands of people leave their homes and businesses and go to higher safer ground. The name Yasi is a surprise. It is a Fijian word for 'sandalwood' but it might have other meanings in other languages. The TV is full of warning and it seems this is one serious cyclone. There hasn't been any talk of what happened in the Solomons and Vanuatu who surely were in its path, only talk of fear and preparations in Queensland. In Fiji we just had to sit tight in our small wooden cottage, make pancakes, play cards, keep one door open - away from the wind, and tell the children not to play outside because of flying tins. The impending arrival though of Cyclone Yasi sounds awesome, much stronger than any we have experienced.



Blogger annie said...

Scary, Wendy. Thanks for the updates. Australia is already going through so much. Our hopes and prayers for Australia.


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