Saturday, January 15, 2011

A different backyard today

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The backyard dried out quickly and it was sunny this afternoon and excellent for our barbecue for about twenty people. Earlier we had a Fijian church service up at East Geelong with visitors from the Altona Meadows/ Laverton congregation. It has been a lovely day but we are a bit tired after three days of full-on activities including the funeral of our friend Jieke in Melbourne. Here are some photos from today's barbecue. While it is sunny here, the people in Queensland are mopping up, and many towns in our State of Victoria are experiencing floods as the small rivers break their banks in the towns of Rochester, St Arnaud, Charlton, Donald and others. It's really extreme weather this summer.



Blogger annie said...

I am so relieved, Wendy. After your last post I read that the water was moving down the rivers into South Wales and I didn't know whether that was above or below you. I look at maps but I still can't get the geographies straight for you and Penny and Alison and Liz-- but then I am notorious for having NO sense of direction.


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