Saturday, January 22, 2011

Short Story Winners

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This afternoon the winners of the Geelong Writers/Advertiser Short Story competition were announced at a function at the Woodbin Theatre. There seemed to be about a hundred people there as some of us had to stand until an opportunity arose when someone moved out. The winning story was by Dulcie Stone and told from the point of view of a Greek man. We only had a taste of the top stories as the writers only could read for less than five minutes so it was a guessing game where each story would go from there. One story written by a 24 year old young woman was read by a friend because the writer had recently died so that was very touching. Here are some photos from the gig. Smiles for the camera do not tell the whole story. As I chatted with friends and strangers I came to realize how some lives have been changed suddenly by illness or chance. I used to be active in the Geelong Writers organisation as Secretary but passed on the baton to others. Then my writing of short stories and poems fizzled out - losing words - and I went back to drawing and photos. Peceli suggests I gather some of my photos/drawings and place them with some of the shorter poems, or extracts and get a book designed page by page. Perhaps.

The winning story has been published in the Geelong Advertiser today- Monday January 24th with a photo of Dulcie Stone. It's a great read. The other two winning stories will be published on Wednesday and Friday.

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You can design your own - design each page, whatever mixture of text and picture 'blocks' you like - such fun, very user friendly and nothing to pay until you order a copy. I am just making final adjustments to my book and then it will be up in the Blurb shop for anyone to see. go to and look at examples in their online shop to see the possibilities. I am really impressed with my book. Alison

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