Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When it's raining

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It's been humid and raining for days and days here (though summer should be hot and dry) so we mainly stay at home and obsessively watch the awful TV news about the Queensland floods which affect thousands of people. We complain about being a little drenched here - ankle-deep in water in our backyard - in Geelong - but that's nothing compared with Brisbane, Toowoomba and other places in Queensland. One thing though, is that the infrastructure and emergency services in Australia are good and people are being rescued and redirected. There's always some foolishness though as I saw someone staggering along a street lugging a fridge. Furniture surely is secondary to the lives of people.

Meanwhile, apart from visits to doctors and to buy milk etc. I'm staying next to the computer and here are a few pictures using a program I recently discovered on the second computer's programs.



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