Friday, January 07, 2011

I'll have a kilo of crocodiles bones thanks

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Yesterday after an important errand in the CBD of Melbourne which was almost deserted - and it was 37 degrees in Geelong yesterday - we drove to Footscray market for a bit of a look, shop, and lunch - Chinese combination soup. As we browsed Peceli noticed that crocodile bones were on sale and was tempted to buy but... others in the family said, no way! Anyway we did buy fish and vegetables and I took some photos to play with. This market is great because everything seems so fresh and cheaper than the shops. Last night it was so hot that Peceli and I drove to Eastern Beach and sat for an hour feeling the offshore breeze. Now some tourists in Fiji pay thousands of dollars a night (e.g. Ophrah at Laucala Island) to sit by the sea, but here in Geelong it is free. Many young families were out strolling along the shoreline until late last night so it wasn't like Laucala Island where you pay for privacy. The seaside is to be shared and Geelong is a good place to live.

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