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Cyclone Yasi

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I don't know who named Cyclone Yasi but it's a beautiful name which means 'sandalwood' so it would be a good name for a baby born in the middle of the cyclone in an emergency centre. But the mother didn't name the baby 'Yasi'. She just had her baby with the help of a tourist Englishwoman who was a midwife and didn't want publicity though the media guys were waiting at the door. Seems to me the TV journalists and others wanted images and stories of danger and destruction and seemed to revel in the chaos!

Of course cyclones can be terrifying and Cyclone Yasi was a very large one that caused massive damage along the coastal towns of Queensland but fortunately not the larger cities. There was two days warning and a huge network of informing people how to survive which surely helped in saving lives.Here are pictures of boats tossed like toys (well, we do have large toys in Australia don't we) and the typical wind on the palm trees.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the people in Queensland who went through this experience because the noise is horrific and the possibility of death is there. The people of Fiji of course know a lot about cyclones and the importance of being prepared for the 24 hours of rain and wind. And then the cleanup has to follow. Most people are resilient but there will be some who are seriously affected by the trauma of loss.



Blogger annie said...

Thanks for your update, Wendy. I have been worried. So sad, what Australia has been going through, but as you say, the folks are resilient, and have to be to deal with the crises, as well as the aftermath. Prayers and thoughts are with them from us up here in Texas.


4:37 AM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The weather still dominates our minds and news. In Geelong last night we had a stunning sound and light display of a huge thunderstorm that also brought a downpour. There were flash floods yesterday in many towns and cities. Amazing for midsummer. Fortunately today it's cleared up and we had a fine barbecue at a friend's house.
Are you having snow at present Annie?

1:05 AM  
Blogger annie said...

Poor Australia, Wendy... Bad weather all over the world, it seems....

Here in Middle Texas we don't get snow, often, but our winters ARE getting harder, and we had a freeze, this week, along with a little snow that got a lot of our pipes and roads so iced that school was closed for four days(9 degrees Fahrenheit which the converter says is -12.77 Celsius?). North of us up in the Panhandle it can get brutal with drifting snow because of the winds. It was minus 9 degrees Fahrenheit up there and much more snow.And no school, there, either. However, it is more severe in New England, and my families up there are facing things like a total of 71 inches-plus of snow for February in Hartford, CT, and seemingly no place to scoop up the snow and get it off the roads. I am afraid there will be floods from all that snow pileup when it thaws.

5:50 AM  
Blogger annie said...

PS Well, I lost that record that I had when that total reached 71 inches in Hartford, probably January plus beginning of February.


6:00 AM  

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