Friday, November 26, 2010

When all the rabbits come out of their burrows

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It's voting today for the Victorian elections - main choice is between Lsbour (sitting member Lisa) Liberal (who might edge in) and Greens (small but significant). We went down to Newcomb Park Primary (where we once taught Religious Education) and did the right (or wrong) thing, bought some sausages and bread from the school fundraising stall for the two boys at home, and now forget about the scalliwags who are politicians who think promising millions of dollars is going to change our thinking. Certainly all the rabbits come out of their burrows today for the compulsory voting. Well, at least we do have a vote. Places like Fiji still don't have an election with the regime wanting to hang on and the Fiji budget today tells all about priorities. Nothing for athletics or even rugby this time. Tourism gets a bit of a kick forward but other things cast a pall on being a hospitable country for tourists. Enough said.

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