Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still Life photographs

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We used to make arrangements of flowers, kitchen objects, shells, and so on and make paintings that we called 'still life'. The shapes are organised rather than arranging the shapes on the paper/canvas. I took photos this time of the lilies - about to wilt - and shells and stones in a glass bowl, then made extra pictures using Picasa and Photo-edit. This is a lazy way of making pictures instead of the slow careful use of paint and brushes but life is very busy at present, juggling in Rotary meetings, going to the tip, and so on.

One story - we were throwing out lots of junk including some old paintings - some framed - and when the guy at the tip face was moving the rubbish, eyed a bluish acrylic painting and set it side to take home. A find, he decided. It was of fish and one of Peceli's paintings so I am kind of glad it's being recycled into someone's home! The guy didn't pick up any of my rejected paintings though!

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