Monday, November 22, 2010

Story behind a property for sale

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In the property section of the Geelong Advertiser I was surprised to see a property I recognised up for sale - the Seamist flats which overlook Corio Bay and are close to the Deakin University city campus. Several years ago the owner, a lovely lady, willed this property to our church parish (then St Andrews plus Ormond Rd before we divided into two churches) and told Peceli that it was to be used to fund mission projects and partly to house people in need. Well, it mainly was used for rental accommodation for visitors to Geelong, etc. Now it's up for sale as the land is very very valuable, but it's sad too that the church couldn't find a way to make it part of their mission to the community. I'm glad that Peceli had the forsight at the time the Shenton buildings (church, halls, manse) were available to be sold, to allow the nearby Geelong High School to purchase the property at a reasonable price. Macdonalds and others were interested though in the end it was given over for the educational needs of our community. Way to go. Now I wonder what will happen to the Seamist flats - maybe they'll be pulled down to put up apartments or a hotel!

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Blogger annie said...

I think it is dishonorable to go against a will or bequest, but it seems to happen too often. And this is especially upsetting to me because I worked with the homeless for 18 years and know that there are so many people in need of housing.


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