Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anglesea beach

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There's not much time for picture making with a household of seven and appointments etc. but it is an interesting life. Something new this morning - a half an hour with a 'foot doctor' as part of a care program. Using ultrasound the podiatrist checked the blood flowing in my feet and the sound was awesome. Right foot - 'Werewolf' shouted out, and left foot- 'Wow'. Quite strange. Anyway results were fairly good - I just have to walk solidly 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, cut sugar in diet even more, wear shoes in the garden and even the house. Come on, come on, we never wear shoes inside a house! I don't even wear shoes in a wild garden. I guess it's minimize chance of cuts etc. Not that there's junk all over the floor.Anyway back to picture-making. Here are some pictures of the beach at Anglesea where there is a distinctive change in colour in the cliffs.



Blogger annie said...

I have always preferred to run (well, creep, more likely, these days)in or out of the house, so I hear you, Wendy. It must be odd indeed to listen to such vocal feet during those tests. Good luck with the new regimen

I do like the sketches of the beach at Anglesea with the variety of colors in the cliffs.


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