Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bus interchange

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This week a new bus interchange got going in Geelong. We'd had stuff in the postbox about it but I usually throw out 'junk mail' and didn't read it - as I thought it wouldn't affect the Newcomb bus. So on Monday as I walked quickly to the spot behind Officeworks after our book club meeting at GPAC to catch the 3.30 p.m. there were only workmen in their orange vests digging up cement. MY bus stop had moved! As I skidaddled back to Moorabool Street I realized that I would be late to mind a kid. Well, it was chaos in Moorabool Street with guys in coloured vests yelling at the top of the voices 'Seventeen', 'Twenty-one', 'Sixty-one' or whatever as buses drove in and lined up. Hey, we can read! It was just after the schools finished so there were school kids everywhere and shoppers. The shops nearby surely are not impressed. Anyway, as we get used to it, it should work out okay. I didn't take any photos as I'd lent my camera to a relative. Anyway, here's an artist's drawing of the interchange - without the crowds of people and the dropped rubbish and jam of traffic and the street certainly isn't as wide as indicated!



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