Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All in a day's work

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Up at 6 - coffee for two and checking emails and Fiji news. Help yourself breakfast at 8 for five people. At 9 take the two boys to Donation in Kind to sort books for sending overseas (they did such a good job yesterday, and they wanted to go back). On the way I thought it was snowing - white things floating across the road, then realised two huge truckloads of chickens in cages were in the right lane. Isa, poor little chookies! Hard work for a while keeping up with the boys who just knew how to choose books and box books, ten times faster than adults.Morning tea with the volunteers and a discussion with the boys about the difference between volunteering and working for pocket money! Home and painting on the verandah some Christmas pictures. After 11.30 going to a Fellowship Christmas lunch so took the eldest boy. Before the meal some of the ladies did a Nativity Drama in the church. A friend there - an artist - showed me her engagement ring and her latest shopping - box of watercolour pencils and sketch book from Aldis so I tried it out, nearly dipping a brush into the lemon drink. Lovely lunch but I think my grandson doesn't like Christmas pudding - like his Grandad he is suspicious of sultanas. A 25 minute walk home to get fit then shopping for chicken legs/wings for tea and the art stuff at Aldis. Kids have now gone to play tennis nearby and a coach will be there. Grandpa trying to keep up with them. My daughter-in-law can cook the dinner next!

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