Saturday, August 21, 2010

Election results inconclusive

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What an interesting outcome (though not yet determined) in Australia. A democratic election means the people have spoken, but with what strange results. No clear winner, except that Labour got a buffering, and the Independents and the Green winners have power to move in with whoever they please. The independents are rural seats - hoorah - and a little to the right leaning, so it could be a Liberal leadership. The Greens winner for Melbourne is to be congratulated. There also may be a good win for a former CIA (I think) gentleman, Wilkie, which is interesting. I wasn't impressed with the personality spin on just two people and the emphasis on promises and money, money, money, as it's really seat by seat, and local, that really counts.
By about 2 a.m. this is how it sits with some seats still to be finalised with postal and early voting.

Seats won:
Labor: 70
Coalition: 72
Greens: 1
Other parties: 4
Total seats: 150, target to win: 76

2:55am: With 77.7% of the vote counted and neither party able to claim a majority, Australia is left in political limbo. It now seems certain Australia will have its first hung parliament since World War II. Caretaker conventions will be in play until the final results are known, which could take a number of days.

The two locals seats are Corio - a safe Labour seat, and Corangamite, which moved to Labour last election, but so far it's not yet over as more votes are to be counted which is typical of this whole election which has no clear winner so far.


First Preferences
Polling Places Returned: 69 of 72 Enrolment: 101,569 Turnout: 79.10%
Candidate Party Votes % Swing (%)
LAWRENCE, Mike Australian Greens 8,542 10.97 +3.00
HENDERSON, Sarah Liberal 34,926 44.84 +0.14
Australian Labor Party 31,372 40.28 -1.63
BROWN, Sally-Anne Independent 1,131 1.45 +1.45
WOJCZUK, Ann Family First 1,549 1.99 -1.57
TIMMINS, Nathan Liberal Democrats (LDP) 362 0.46 +0.27
...... Australian Democrats 0 0.00 -1.67
FORMAL 77,882 96.94 -0.53
INFORMAL 2,462 3.06 +0.53
TOTAL 80,344 79.10 -17.37

Two Candidate Preferred
Polling Places Returned: 68 of 72 Turnout: 79.10%
Candidate Party Votes This Election (%) Last Election (%) Swing (%)
HENDERSON, Sarah Liberal 38,297 49.17 49.15 +0.02
Australian Labor Party 39,585 50.83 50.85 -0.02



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